Case Studies

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The Species Recovery Trust

The Species Recovery Trust are a small but wonderful charity that focus their work on protecting 50 plant and animal species in the UK.


Our web design work and support has helped increase their engagement tenfold since launching the site.

Presented with the task of designing a dynamic site that could both accommodate the SRT's extensive  database, as well as help to encourage measurable engagement, we produced a website that showcases the expertise of the organisation. While at the same time - through concise design and messaging - creating a user experience that is simple, yet highly informative.

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We presented an extensive 'Lost Life' database in an easily accessible A-Z menu form, allowing for both easy navigation and speedier loading times. And designed a Species section that focused on generating engagement through SEO. 

When designing the SRT shop we worked with the paypal payment system they were using on their old site, while ensuring the user experience was one of ease and speed. 

We've provided ongoing support for the SRT, adapting the site to drive engagement into specific areas when needed. Through our work the website is now ranking highly on Google for species conservation and key species-specific searches.

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Gary has been fantastic to work with from start to finish - a thoroughly amiable and approachable professional - which makes running a project so much easier! He combines great technical abilities with real creative and artistic flair, which meant we ended up with a website that not only functions really well, but looks great too. His rates were extremely reasonable for such high quality work, and we’d recommend him to anyone wanting to re-brand or launch a website -


Dominic Price, Director, The Species Recovery Trust.

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The Hearth

With The Hearth we came in right at the ideas stage to carry out a Brand Development consultation.


During this time we work with our client to help define the business, lay down it's core values, define it's target customers and create a strong brand. From this we shape the written content, design a logo and produce a beautiful website that will resonate with target audiences.

We wanted to create an aesthetic that was simple and natural, yet sophisticated. Combining a rich storytelling narrative and concept, with clean white open spaces, page banners and easy navigation.

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Working with a photographer who is highly skilled at shooting 'lifestyle' environs, we were able to design a site that not only spoke of the ethos of nature connection in the business, but also beautifully depicted the accommodation for the purpose of generating bookings.

The site has several dynamic features, the example here shows a photo slider that can be scrolled manually and the 'What People Say' section that moves automatically; showing glowing quotes from happy customers.

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It's been great working with Gary to birth to The Hearth, and it was really useful at the beginning to have him in to help us focus our ideas and produce our brand. We felt listened to with our ideas, and benefited from his creative guidance, focus and expertise. We love the simple, clean and warm design of our website and would recommend him greatly.

Freddy and Helena, The Hearth.    

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Versiones is a great example of how we create a simple brand and website.


The company is a small translation business based in Madrid that works mostly in the arts sector. 

This informed our design: choosing to build a versatile brand and design a site that draws influence on art gallery and online magazine styles.

Using the pictorial element of the Versiones logo we created a dynamic portfolio-style home page that allowed us to showcase the client's work, while avoiding copyright and licensing issues.

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Websites are all about simple communications and easy navigations, this example shows two boxes on the Home page that let visitors see the company's two key offerings and choose to make contact easily. They are also linked by an anchor when visitors click Services on the menu page.

It's important for potential customers of a company to see who they've worked with, but company logos are designed with a range of colours. This example shows how we match everything to suit our client's website design.

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As we work with both Spanish and English clients it's been really important to be clear and concise with our website, TAWNY were able to give us something that did just that. I had a few challenges around copyright and licensing of artworks and Gary came up with such a great design to work around this. I really love the art gallery style of our website and we've had great feedback from our clients. Recommend TAWNY creative any day.


Neil, Director, Versiones 

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Heartfelt Home Care

This Cotswold-based care business wanted a rebrand, web design and copywriting package. 

We created a personal identity using a warm colour range, nature imagery and open typefaces

Not wanting to stray too far from the identity they had established already as a business over 10 years of operating, we created a sympathetic, warm and personal website that sharpened the communication of their service, and brought their values to the fore.

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With our web design service it's important for us to use design and a content management system that allows our clients to manage and update themselves once we hand the site over.


With a changing roster of carers, this page is a good example of that.

' Working with Gary at TAWNY was a pleasure. He was quick, efficient and super friendly to deal with on the phone. This is not at all my area of expertise but I found it easy to talk to Gary and understand what was happening without being baffled by jargon. I am delighted with my website and would certainly recommend Tawny to anyone.'

Joanna, Heartfelt Home-Care